Build from source

If you want to contribute to Hidet, or you encountered any problem directly installing hidet via pip, it is better to install hidet from source.

Clone the code

First clone the repository to local:

$ git clone

Build shared libraries

The runtime library is written in C++ and compiled into a shared library. To build the shared library, you need to have a C++ compiler installed (as well as build tools like cmake, and make). The following command will build the shared library:

$ cd hidet
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cp ../config.cmake .  # copy the cmake config to build directory
$ cmake ..
$ make -j4

After building, you could find two libraries and under build/lib directory.

Install the Hidet Python package

Next we will install the Python package of Hidet in the develop mode via pip:

$ cd .. # return to the root directory of Hidet
$ pip install -e .


To make sure we have successfully installed hidet, run the following command in a new shell:

$ python -c "import hidet"

If no error reports, then hidet has been successfully installed on your computer.