CPU Specifics

Primitive functions

Hidet provides primitives to use the avx instructions in modern cpu. They includes

  • avx_f32x4_load(...): vectorized load 4 f32 values from memory

  • avx_f32x4_store(...): vectorized store 4 f32 values to memory

  • avx_f32x4_fmadd(...): vectorized fused multiply-add operation

  • avx_f32x4_setzero(...): get the zero initialized vector

  • avx_f32x4_broadcast(...): broadcast a scalar to a vector

There are also corresponding f32x8 primitives.


Hidet relies on the OpenMP to support multi-threading. To use the multi-threading, please specify the p attribute of the hidet.lang.grid or hidet.lang.mapping.repeat functions.